How to make an amazing ceiling glue in just 15 minutes – by hand

A unique ceiling glue that uses elmer’s and glue sticks made by the American family-run Elmer’s Glue Co. has won the 2016 Australian Home of the Year award.

Key points:The company’s ceiling glue sticks are made from elmer clay and used in a wide variety of household itemsSource: Elmer Glue coThe company made the product with its founder Elmer, but the glue sticks used in it are made in China, so they aren’t suitable for the Australian marketMr Elmer said the product was very easy to make, and had a very long shelf life, and a lot of people wanted it, and so we put out the call.

“We got a lot more people who wanted to order the glue and we just got the glue stick company on board,” he said.

“The glue stick industry is very small and we had to go into the market with the goal to create something that would be of great value to the Australian consumer, and that was a huge part of our success.”‘

It really takes a village’The Elmer family run the company from their home in Adelaide, South Australia.

It has been around since 1892, and has expanded from making household items like clothes and household supplies, to making products like ceiling covers and furniture.

Mr Elmed said the family made their own elmer glue, and it was quite easy to do, and the quality was quite high.

“It’s a really simple process, and we can put the elmer in the container and put it in the glue, which we do, we mix it, put it on the glue base and then we just let it dry and the glue starts to set,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“I mean, it takes a really village to make something like that.”

Mr Elmsons wife, Els, said the company was growing rapidly, and was currently building a warehouse to store the product.

“My husband is an entrepreneur and we’re building a new building that we’re really excited about, it’s a huge investment in our future and I really want to be a part of it,” she said.

The Elmers family is also the makers of the iconic Elmer-made glue sticks, which are now in use around the world.

In an interview with ABC Radio National’s Weekend Today program, Mr Elmer described how the company made his product.

The company has been in business since 1891 and made household items such as clothing and household goods, and he said it was difficult to make products for the domestic market.

“They make all these great products, they make very cheap products, and they make great products for people in the middle class in Australia,” he explained.

“But they’re a little bit difficult to sell to a lot different countries.”

He said the market in Australia was a little more competitive, and used to be dominated by China, where the market was dominated by a small group of companies.

Mr Tracey Elmer had been using the Elmer glue in his family for decades, and said he loved it.

“When you look at a ceiling and you look into the ceiling and the floor, you can see the floor.

So you can use it in your house and it’s really good,” he says.”

You can actually look out and you can make things and you get a sense of what the ceiling is like, so that’s what I love about ceiling glue.”‘

This product has a lot to offer’The Australian Home is the first time the family have won the Australian Home, a category that was created to honour people who make the world a better place.

“This is the biggest category in the Australian Awards, so it’s not just about the home, it also means that you can be an innovator and a maker and an entrepreneur,” Mr Elmed explained.

He said while the ceiling glue was unique to Australia, the Elmers’ glue sticks were also a great example of how a family could make an impact in the domestic marketplace.

“What we’re trying to do is make this product that is going to be the same, that is very durable, but very versatile,” he added.

“And you can actually make a lot and make it in a variety of different sizes and different materials and we’ll make a whole range of different products.”

That’s something that’s really unique about the product, it has a whole variety of applications and so you can have a range of products for different uses and different uses.


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