Israel: Gunmaker makes surebonder gun for surebond-holder

The Israeli gunmaker, Surebonder, has produced a glue gun that can help ensure the bond-holder’s gun does not go off accidentally.

It has been made by a joint venture between Surebond and the Israeli firm Magnesite, which has made glue guns for the U.S. military, but it is designed for home defense.

The gun is manufactured in the Ussuriya factory in Israel, with a total of 30,000 units, and will be available to customers this summer.

It can be used to seal a handgun when a user is unharmed, and to protect the gun when a person is threatened, said Sureboint’s chief executive, A.J. Ben-Ari.

The adhesive used is called Surebormer, a word that means “gripping.”

Ben-Ari said that the gun was developed for the home-defense market, but he was surprised at how quickly the product was adopted in Israel.

“The bond-holding market is booming and it’s the glue gun for the Jewish community,” he said.

“I was surprised that it went so quickly in Israel.”

The Surebirmers gun was designed to make sure the bondholder’s pistol would not accidentally go off during an emergency.

The bond-holders gun is designed to be used with a trigger lock and trigger safety, and it can also be used by the homeowner, he said, adding that the company plans to expand production to Israel, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East.

“We don’t expect the product to be as popular in Israel as it is in other countries,” he added.

The company has been making gun components since the 1960s, and the glue used in the gun is specifically designed for gun owners.

The glue is made from a chemical called pyrethrins.

Surebomer is used to attach the gun’s trigger, which is then locked into place by a spring.

The gun’s owner can put the gun into a holster, which can then be loaded with a small amount of ammunition.

When the gun fires, the glue will adhere to the target and keep it secure.

Ben-Aro said the gun will be sold only in Israel and in the Jewish state because of the security risks.

He added that he hopes the product will become a big seller in Israel because the gun has proven to be effective in keeping people safe during emergencies.

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