How to Make a Glue Bottle, with Photos

When I was little, I would always get stuck in a situation with a sticky glue bottle.

I would use it to put things on a shelf and it would stick.

I was always confused.

How do you put things in there?

Why would something stick?

How do I get rid of it?

I would never know.

The glue bottle never stopped sticking and I always had to do my best to get rid it.

So I started to make glue bottles, and the glue bottles became a hobby.

I loved to paint my house with them, and I started making a few for myself.

I started by making a small bottle.

So, here’s what you need: 1-3 1-inch pieces of cardboard 1/2-inch piece of paper (or cardboard) 1/4-inch long piece of plastic (or PVC) 1-foot length of tubing (or rubber tubing) The instructions are on this sticky glue bottles tutorial page.

The instructions were written for me, so they should work for everyone.

The adhesive on the cardboard will stick to the plastic.

If you don’t have glue bottles handy, you can use a pair of scissors or a pair if you can get the scissors.

The plastic will stick nicely to the cardboard.

Cut the pieces in half, then make a rectangle about the size of the bottle.

Take the cardboard and put it on the other side of the cardboard rectangle.

Cut one of the pieces of paper, the piece you just cut, into two equal sections.

(Don’t cut all of the paper!

The glue will stick when you cut it!)

Put one of your glue bottles into the cardboard section.

Make sure the plastic on the inside of the plastic bottle is sticking to the inside.

Cut out a piece of tubing.

I made a plastic tube out of two pieces of pipe.

I used PVC pipe because it is very strong.

(I think I made it last year.)

Put the pipe section into the other section of cardboard, and cut out a few more pieces of plastic.

Put the plastic tubing into the tube section.

I also made a small tube out, about the same size as the tube, and put the plastic pipe in there.

I added a piece or two of tape.

I didn’t use tape because it was too sticky.

Make the glue bottle as big as you can make it.

If it is too big, it will be impossible to put it in the plastic section.

You will have to cut it into smaller pieces to fit in the tube.

I measured out about a foot of tubing and cut it down into two parts, one on each end.

(If you can’t make the glue stick to your plastic, then put it into a box and tape it shut.

Don’t forget to take it out when you are done.)

Cut the tubes into long strips, about a 1/8-inch thick, and place them into the plastic sections.

The length of the tape will be about 1-2 feet.

I cut out two small squares that fit in between the tubes.

I put the tape on one side of each piece, then taped the other part shut.

Place the plastic tube in the bottom of the glue container and attach it to the tube sections with tape.

The tubes will be very snug in the glue, and you will be able to get a good seal with a pin.

Place your glue bottle on the bottom shelf of your fridge and wait for it to set up.

The bottles will keep for several weeks in the fridge.

The best way to test the glue is to pull the tubing out of the fridge and test it.

You can use your fingers or a wooden dowel, and when it starts to drip, you know it is working.

It should work pretty good if you let it sit overnight.

It takes about two weeks for the glue to harden.

The easiest way to do this is to wrap a piece a paper towel around it.

This is a little bit harder to do than making the glue from the cardboard, but you can try.

I had to bend the paper towel on my own.

You don’t want to use a paper towels towel, though, because you will ruin the glue.

You might have to bend it in half.

The cardboard glue is much stronger than plastic glue, so it will stick much better if you put it under water or on a concrete surface.

I recommend using a dryer to heat the glue up before putting it in your fridge, or you might damage the glue and have to do it again.

The next time you want to put the glue in your refrigerator, you might want to buy some of the sticky glue from Amazon.

I bought a bottle for $1.99.

You could also use glue sticks from the hardware store, but I wouldn’t recommend them.

You would have to put them in the freezer and then you would have a messy mess.

Here’s how I made my first glue bottle: Cut out the cardboard part that is sticking up and put that

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