What to wear when you have a nail problem

LONDON — It can be hard to see your nails in a mirror.

But when you are in pain or have a bad reaction to a nail care product, you should wear a nail polish and nail glue.

Nail glue is an adhesive that sticks to your nails to prevent them from turning into knots or peeling off.

It is often used to hold down the nails on the back of the hand, the back side of your mouth, or the upper back.

Sometimes it’s used to protect your nails from the elements.

Some brands of nail polish have been around for thousands of years, while other brands are only in use now.

In addition to being used in the beauty industry, nail glue can also be used to repair a damaged nail.

The nail glue comes in many different colours and it’s commonly used to make glue that is applied to a worn-out nail, a cut or split nail or to a badly damaged nail that needs a repair.

Dr David Liddell from Royal Botanic Gardens, who researches nail injuries in the UK, said nail glue is usually used to restore a damaged or peeled nail.

“When a nail is damaged, the nail is very, very sensitive to the environment, it’s quite sensitive to any kind of stress,” Dr Liddess said.

“So you have to have a good supply of nail glue to get it done.”

Nail polish tends to do a really good job, so it’s really important that people have the right supply.

“Nails that need to be repaired include: Lumbar, back and hip fractures Pegs, ligaments, and tendons Crowns, feet, and toes Wrists, ankles, and lower back Infections: nail fungus or nail varnish Sneezing: nail glue allergy Injury to the skin or mucous membranes: skin ulcers or peels from the nose or mouth Bacteria: nail varnae Nail clippings: nail clippes can be used for a number of purposes including cleaning and sanitising Wash your hands after using nail glue and nail polish for good hygiene and sanitary reasons Have fun with your nails! 

If you are struggling with nail glue allergies, you can also have a free consultation to find out if you are allergic to nail polish.

This video from ABC News gives you a few tips on using nail polish safely.

Dr Liddells advice to people who have allergies to nail glue include: Avoid contact with the glue and the surrounding environment, including with the skin, and make sure your nails are clean and dry before using nail adhesive.

Avoid the use of nail clippers or other sharp tools in contact with nails and other hard surfaces.

Use a brush to dry your nails if they are wet.

Don’t apply nail glue directly to the nail.

It may damage the glue. 

If your nail is too swollen, if your nails have not healed in the usual way, or if you have other conditions that may be causing the swelling, you might need to try different types of nail care products to find the right solution.

For more information, check out our FAQs on nail care and the latest nail treatments.

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