Gorilla glue factory to close in February

Gorilla-Glo glue factory is to close its doors in February, with employees expected to be offered jobs in Australia, the company said.

The move comes after a number of health and safety issues involving the glue factory, including a worker who was found to have inhaled the fumes from the factory’s production line.

The closure of the Gorilla Glue Factory, which employs more than 1,400 people, comes after months of delays in getting a permit to build a new facility.

The Gorilla and Gorilla Growers Association (GGAA) said on Friday that workers had been offered positions at an alternative factory, but would not be employed at the Gorillas Growers Supply and Marketing Association (GSAMA) factory in Melbourne.

“In order to ensure the safety and welfare of the workers, GSAMA has been informed of the decision to close the Gorillabuild factory, which has been operating at the premises since March 2019,” the GGAA said in a statement.GSAAMA said it had not yet been contacted by the GGAAA.

“The GGAA is a voluntary trade union representing the Gorills Growers supply and marketing industry and therefore cannot comment on individual cases,” a spokesperson said.GDAMA was founded in 2003, and has about 100 members in the industry.

It has previously been accused of misleading workers about the safety of the glue factories.

It was fined $5,000 last year for failing to disclose that workers were given gloves to wear while making the glue and a worker was found with glue residue in his throat.

The GGSAMA said in February that a number staff were involved in an “incident” that occurred at the factory.

“While the incident was unprovoked, it has caused concern among our members who have experienced unsafe working conditions,” the spokesperson said at the time.

“It has been reported that members were given no instructions as to how to safely clean the glue after it was used and some were not even asked to wash their hands after handling glue.”

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