What does it take to make a successful glue bottle?

On the heels of the release of a new bottle of glue, a new thread is bubbling up on the internet with some interesting advice on how to make your own.

It’s an idea that has been circulating on social media since at least 2012, when an article from a blog titled “A Better Way To Make A Glue Bottle” started getting attention.

The post described a new method of making a glass bottle of spray glue, one that involves using a mix of chemicals and a mix or mixture of ingredients.

It was based on a theory called “spontaneous synthesis,” and it came to be known as the “glue bottle” theory.

A quick search on Google reveals some early posts about the theory.

But it wasn’t until this past January that an article was published in the New York Times on the glue bottle theory, which sparked another round of interest.

And as of late last month, there’s been some debate about the effectiveness of the theory on the market.

The New York Post, which is run by the Associated Press, reported that the theory “is often credited with helping to spur the development of the world’s first-ever commercially available glass bottle” and is often touted by the makers of glue.

The story cited an “expert” who said that “glues, especially when sold in bulk, are a great source of product for the glue industry.”

The Times article also claimed that the idea is “the reason so many people have tried to make glue bottles, even if they never get them right.”

But the post wasn’t the only source for the theory to take off.

And while it’s been popular on the Internet for a while, it wasn?t until the New Year that the first official article was posted on the theory’s website.

In the early days of the thread, the theory was being discussed by people with differing views.

A user who goes by the handle NachoToss wrote on the thread that the “first and foremost reason for making a bottle is to make it more durable and resistant to weather.

But if you have to have a glass glue bottle, you can easily make it last forever.”

Another user called GeezerKris posted that he and his wife make the “glass bottle for a lot of things.”

He wrote that they make a glass spray bottle, and that they like to make their own glass bottles because “they?re really easy to clean and can withstand any kind of weather.”

But another user, Baked_Buckley, disagreed with this claim.

Baked_Kris told Business Insider that he believes “the glass bottle is probably better than glue bottles because it has a lot more surface area.”

He also said that the bottle has a “big advantage over glue bottles in terms of strength,” and that it?s a good choice because “the bottles are more stable.”

“There are no hard and fast rules of whether a glass glass bottle can withstand the weather,” he added.

But another poster named Mr_Wimper argued that the glass bottle would be “a lot harder to break than glue.”

“You can use glue to get it to break,” he wrote.

“But it won?t last forever.

I have a small house, and a lot?

of stuff to get through it.

If I need to make sure that my house stays dry, I will probably just use glue.”

One commenter on the New Yorkers thread, who goes only by the name WTF_WOLF, told Business Insider that the glue bottles are “a great way to keep your house from getting damaged by rain or ice.”

“It?s actually the perfect solution for people who have an aging house or have the least amount of space in the house,” he said.

But the most vocal thread of the post, which has attracted nearly 400 comments, has been a heated debate between those who believe that a glass container will be better than a glue bottle.

Some people are concerned about the effect that “spongy” glue can have on the bottle.

One user wrote that the plastic used in glue bottles “can cause problems with other plastic materials, like vinyl, and if it gets into the plastic bottles you?re not using you can get glue everywhere.

It can even cause your glass bottle to become brittle.”

But others have argued that it will be a waste of money to buy a new glass bottle if it has to be cleaned every time you use it.

Another user wrote: “I am against the idea of making your own bottle.

I do not want to have to pay to clean a bottle.””

I can?t imagine spending hundreds of dollars to replace my glass bottle,” another user wrote.

Another thread that started as a discussion on the forums for a video game, called “I Don?t Need A Bottle,” quickly turned into a discussion about glue bottles.

Another post on the video game forum “Farming Simulator,” which

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