How to Make Your Own Liquid Fusion Glue and Decoupage Glue for a Super-Easy DIY project

I recently purchased a super-easy liquid fusion glue and decouPage glue kit from the Denture glue company.

The two kits are similar in terms of price and performance.

I bought the $20.00 Liquid Fusion glue because I needed to make my own glue that I could use in my office decor and in the future for other projects.

I also wanted to make sure that the glue would last and would be as flexible as possible.

It also came with instructions and instructions and more instructions.

However, the DecouPage Glue was a bit pricier.

This was my first attempt at using this glue.

It took a while for me to figure out how to use it correctly and the instructions didn’t really help.

This tutorial covers the steps to making your own Liquid Fusion/DecouPage, which is a cheap, easy, and inexpensive glue. 

Before I get started, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the ingredients in Liquid Fusion and DecoPage Glues.

Liquid Fusion is a liquid formulant that is used in a number of industries to create flexible, flexible plastics, such as foam and rubber.

Liquid Fusions can be found in consumer products, specialty products, and food and beverage products.

DecoPages are a glue made with a mixture of Liquid Fusion, a solvent, and water.

It is used for a wide variety of projects and it is often used in the creation of a new type of product.

Liquid-fusion glue is a mixture made with Liquid Fusion and water and is used to glue a number the material and create an easy and durable surface.

Liquid fusion glue has been used for years as a way to create a soft, flexible surface that is easy to grip, stretch, and stick to. 

The process of making Liquid Fusion or Deco Pages is very similar to what you would use to make a solid glue, which I’ll go into more detail about in my Liquid Fusion post.

I decided to make the DecoPies from liquid fusion and liquid pouches.

Liquid pouces are used for storing food and drink containers or other food-related items.

You can buy these in the drugstore or online, and they are usually priced between $0.60 and $1.00 per ounce. 

When you are working with liquid fusion, you usually make it with a mix of liquid, solvent, water, and a mixture called a solvent.

For example, if you use liquid fusion to make glue, you would mix two different liquids: water and acetone.

Then, you add the acetone to a solvent (usually acetone) and add a mix called a solid.

Then you add liquid, a mix, and then the solid to form a solid, and you’re done. 

For DecoPgies, the solvent is a solvent that is usually acetone, but you can use any solvent. 

You can make a mixture using liquid, water and one or more solvents.

If you’re making glue from liquid, you’ll want to use the same solvent that you use for solid glue.

Liquid and water mix for a liquid-fuse glue.

I used a mix that had 3 ingredients, two liquids and two solvants.

Liquid, water (and acetone), and a mix. 

I added the acetones to the solvids and mixed the solids to make Liquid Fusion.

I added the solutes to the mix and mixed until I had liquid fusion glue that was very sticky and flexible. 

Now you’re ready to glue the glue.

You’ll want a glue gun that can hold a lot of glue.

My gun can hold about 30 feet (9 meters) of glue at a time.

I found that my glue gun could hold up to 20,000 glues at a one-gallon capacity.

This means you could easily glue the whole thing in one shot. 

Here’s how I used the glue gun to glue Liquid Fusion: 1.

Put glue gun in a bucket of warm water. 


Mix two solids.


Add glue gun. 


Mix for 5 minutes. 


Add solutes and mix for 1 minute. 


Add acetone and mix.


Mix the glue for 1 to 2 minutes.


Add liquid and mix until the glue is thick and sticky. 


Gently squeeze the glue around the container to make it easier to grip. 


Add a few more glues and mix the glue until the liquid is a nice solid. 


Glue the container closed. 



Liquid Fusion Glues You might have heard of Liquid Fusor Glue, which was invented by a scientist in Germany. 

It is a glue that is made of two solns

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