What you need to know about the blue glue strains that have caused headaches in Toronto

The strains of bacteria causing headaches in cities across Canada are not linked to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, a health ministry official says.

The strain in question, Bordetella difficile, has been isolated in an Ontario woman who was diagnosed with headaches after she fell ill in March.

But that strain, which is also known as Bordetellosis, is not linked directly to the outbreak of the coronaviruses, according to Dr. Michael Poulsen, a senior health scientist at Health Canada.

“The B.D.S. strain is not associated with the outbreak,” he told CBC News.

The strains were found in an 18-year-old Ontario woman, who is now back in school and working.

Poulson said that in her case, the strains were isolated from her hair follicles.

“We’ve identified it, it’s an isolated strain of B.d.S., which is not a related to the other strains,” he said.

The outbreak of Bd.s. strains has led to concern among health authorities, who have warned that more information would be needed to confirm that the strains are related to outbreaks that have already occurred in the United States and Europe.

Health officials also said that while the strain in this case was found in the hair of an 18 year-old woman, it is not the strain that is responsible for a number of the recent coronaviral outbreaks in Canada.

Poulsen said that since the strains of Bs. difficiles are very similar to those in the U.

S, it would be difficult to distinguish them.

“What we can say is that there are similarities between the two strains and there is some overlap,” he explained.

Pulsing and coughing symptoms People who have been experiencing these symptoms have been referred to health centres.

They are not a new phenomenon, as Poulsen noted, but they were not as prevalent in the early months of the pandemic.

Health authorities said that the symptoms were generally mild, and many people were able to clear up the symptoms without medical treatment.

“It’s a symptom of a different strain than what we’re seeing now,” he added.

“They don’t appear to be contagious.”

Health officials say they are working with Health Canada to identify other patients who may have been exposed to the strains.

“As we’ve said, this strain is different from the B.S.,” said Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the first scientist to be convicted for his role in the deaths of two babies born with the coronatavirus.

“This is a new strain of strain that has been found in some of the patients we’ve seen.”

Poulens said that because of the complexity of the strain, he was unable to tell the difference between the strain isolated in the case in Ontario and other strains.

In a statement, Poules said that he hopes the public can “come together in understanding how this strain affects people.”

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