How did the ‘Glow’ nickname become a synonym for “glitter”

A “glow” nickname, coined in an early 2010 episode of the MTV Video Music Awards, has become a shorthand for a slew of terms that have been popping up on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, all the while still being used by people to describe their favourite video game characters.

“Glow,” “gloom,” “crawl,” “doom,” and “glory” are all popular nicknames that have become a popular online shorthand for video game players.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie or an episode of a show that didn’t have an ending,” said the actor and director Ryan Murphy, whose latest film, “The Shape of Water,” opens on October 25.

The new nickname, which is also known as the “Glowy” or “Glimmer” or simply “glows,” has been trending on Twitter since the show’s mid-October premiere.

While it might be an odd name, the term “glower” is often used in games, especially by video game makers, to describe something that isn’t normally bright, like a camera or a character’s eyes.

When you hear the term, you can usually tell it’s coming from a game’s creators or producers, and it is often preceded by a wink or a nod.

But in an attempt to find a more common term, a gaming site called GameSpot decided to investigate why the game developers and designers liked the word “glowing” so much, and to see if there were any specific games that had them in common.

GameSpot searched Google for “Game of Thrones,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Minecraft,” “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” “Warcraft” and “Warhammer 40,000.”

Its research uncovered plenty of “gloating” terms that were similar to the ones mentioned in the video game show, but not exactly in the same order.

“It’s a bit of a mixed bag,” said GameSpot CEO Brian Goldner.

“A lot of them are actually just terms people have used for other games, or they are terms you hear used for gaming conventions or for events that happen around gaming.

But a lot of the terms we came across are new.”

GameSpot also noticed a lot more glowing terms than it thought, so it looked at the terms that players were using.

“We saw that people were using the word glowy a lot in gaming,” Goldner said.

The more you know about what games you’re playing, the more you can take advantage of all the cool cool stuff you can do in games. “

There was a lot to be said for the glowy.

The more you know about what games you’re playing, the more you can take advantage of all the cool cool stuff you can do in games.

The problem with ‘glowy’ is it’s a generic term that is going to be used in a lot that is just plain lame.”

A look at the most popular terms that gamers use to describe a video game The most popular game-specific terms that are used to describe video games have been the ones that have already been seen in other genres.

The most common terms in the gaming world to describe the glow in video games include: “Hovering over a target” (Xbox 360 controller) “Laying down a shield” (Nintendo Switch controller)

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