Which shoe glue can you trust?

Testing glue is one of the most effective ways to test your shoes.

The problem with testing glue is that it’s not a perfect science.

There’s a reason the average shoemaker will use one for their first pair of shoes, and why most people only test one pair before they buy more.

Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck.


Use a dryer for the first time, to prevent mold, to help prevent the glue from getting sticky.

If you haven’t used a dryers, you probably have.

But don’t let that stop you from using a dry cleaner.

It can be a great way to keep the glue clean and prevent mold.2.

Use water to warm the glue.

This is one trick to ensure it doesn’t stick to the shoes.

Dry cleaners don’t have a great ability to remove moisture, so you want to avoid drying the glue in a hot dryer, which is ideal for drying a wet glue.

The dryer can be used for a couple of minutes and then removed.3.

Use the same glue for your second pair of feet.

It’s easier to see when you’re wearing a pair of your shoes, so take your time and use a dry cleaning method that works for you.4.

Mix the glue with water.

If the dryer method doesn’t work, add the water to the glue before you add it to your shoes to prevent it from sticking.

It should stay wet, but it should not stick.

You should still be able to see if the glue is dry.5.

If it doesn to, add more water.

Repeat until you get the desired consistency.

If a dry coat isn’t sticking, use another coat to add more.


Wait until the glue has dried.

You can leave it in the dryers for an hour, but that can dry the glue out a bit.

After that, it should be fine.


Let the glue cure for two to three days.

This will help remove mold.


Remove the shoes and use them as a glue.

Some shoe cleaners will dry your shoes with the glue, and the other will clean your shoes dry.

If they dry your shoe clean, they should be able dry the shoe.


Use shoe polish to smooth out the shoe, if it’s possible.

If your shoes aren’t shiny enough, you can apply shoe polish.

You’ll probably want to wait at least three weeks before using shoe polish for this step.


Use new shoes to test for glue.

These are shoes that have not yet dried out.

If there’s still mold, you’ll want to try another pair.


If mold still exists, dry your new shoes for another two to five days.


Use your second set of shoes for the third pair of pairs.

Repeat this process for each pair of new shoes.


If that’s not enough time, you might want to use an airbrush to remove the mold.

This should be easy and painless.


Repeat the process for the fourth and fifth pair of pair.

If these pairs are clean, the mold shouldn’t be there.


Dry them again and use the last pair for the last shoe.

This step is optional, but if you don’t like the way the shoes look after the fourth or fifth pair, it’s definitely worth it.

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