How to create a necklace that won’t break your neck

A new trick for creating a necklace with no breakage: glue stitches.

The company behind the new design, Glue Knots, says its glue stitches have become popular with neckwear designers, and that the stitches are “easy to work with, easy to apply, and a great alternative to the traditional staples that we use in jewelry and neckwear today.”

The company sells kits for about $50, and they are now available online for about two dollars each.

In an email to CNNMoney, the company’s CEO, Chris Wrenn, said the company began making its designs after a number of friends shared their experiences with the stitches.

Wrenn said he had worked in retail and had been asked to make neckwear by a customer for several years, so he decided to go for a new challenge.

“This is a great opportunity for us to create something that will be unique to our clients,” he said.

The new technique is similar to the ones used in nail polish, where the stitches hold up to the elements and are often used to create jewelry.

But the new technique uses glue stitches to create the stitches, which are more durable than other types of glue stitches used to glue clothing.

Glue Knot is not the only company that’s trying to create neckwear that can’t break.

Last year, the online retailer Etsy launched a new line of neckwear called the Clove Necklace, which is meant to be worn on top of a necklace.

The necklace will have a hook on one side, with a hook in the other to attach it to your neck.

It will also have a ribbon that can be worn to show off your necklace.

The Clove has a different look than the necklace, but it’s a similar design, with similar shapes.

In the Etsy video above, you can see the Cloves in action.

The Clovelock is available for about a $25 to $40 pricetag, and it includes two hooks.

But there are no details about how to create it, nor is there a price.

The Glue knot is a new idea, but there are several other companies that have tried to create glue knots.

The company behind one, Dye-N-Dye, is based in New Jersey, and its creator, Jonathan F. Gann, said that it’s one of the few brands to actually produce glue knots, even though other companies make similar products.

Glued knots have been used in neckwear before.

In 2009, a company called The Knots made a $150,000 necklace with a knot in it that was meant to stand up to a hook.

The knot didn’t work out, and The Knot’s founder said he made it up.

The Knots’ founder told CNNMoney that he had made more than 10,000 glue knots and was confident that his product would work.

He said that he didn’t intend to make the knots, and was just using them as a “fun, creative way to attach our products.”

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