Gorilla glue: How to remove sticky residue from your skin

article A glue that’s been used for decades to protect the skin from the sun and the elements has found a new use in the hands of a company called Gorilla Glue.

The product, which also appears to be made by a Taiwanese company, claims to be able to help remove stubborn residue from the skin without harming the body.

The company says it uses a special kind of glue that contains zinc, magnesium and copper, as well as zinc oxide, a mineral that can help remove hard to remove spots.

It also claims to make the glue free of toxic substances and to be completely safe for the skin.

The idea is that the zinc oxide is not harmful to the skin, the company claims, and there is no risk of toxicity, even when using it on an open wound.

However, one of the founders, Jason T. Wang, told Business Insider that the product does not contain zinc oxide.

“The zinc oxide we’re using is not zinc oxide at all,” Wang said.

“It’s the zinc that’s in the zinc-containing ingredients that’s not harmful.”

The product also does not have any ingredients that could be potentially harmful, like a skin irritant or a form of the antibiotic penicillin.

The makers claim that it’s not safe to use on open wounds because it will burn your skin.

“A closed wound burns the skin very easily, so the zinc will burn off,” Wang told Business Insights.

“We can’t tell how long it will last, but it will not last longer than a week.”

But the glue has been around for years, and Wang says he’s not worried about it getting in the way of people’s daily activities.

He said the product works great as a base for a DIY paint job, and that he and his team at Gorilla Gluce are working on a better formula for the glue that can be more effective.

“When I first heard about the zinc glue, I was so excited to try it out,” Wang wrote in an email.

“I love using this product and it feels great in my hands.

The paint can be made with almost any type of paint, and the zinc is the only ingredient that I can’t find anywhere else.”

But Wang and his friends are still working on the formula and hope to get it to the market soon.

“If we can find a way to increase the zinc, we would love to make it available to the public,” he wrote.

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