‘Goofy’ gorilla goes viral on Facebook and Twitter

Goofy Gorilla’s glue is now being used in a number of different products.

As a result, the viral gorilla glue was launched on the social media platform, Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook users posted photos of the adhesive, which has a very soft, sticky consistency, and were surprised to see the gorilla glue used in so many products, like nail polish and toilet paper.

One user even posted a video of the glue, which was shared by many on social media.

In the video, a woman wearing a gorilla mask attempts to apply the adhesive to her fingers while holding a bottle of water.

In addition to being used as a glue, it also works as a disinfectant, as shown in a photo of a woman holding a spray bottle.

It also contains vitamin B12, a chemical that is found in the gorilla blood.

The glue has been shared over a million times, but has also garnered more than a million likes on Facebook.

The sticky sticky gorilla glue has become a trending topic on Facebook, as the company has since launched a Facebook page called Gorilla Lotion, where it’s asking people to share their favorite products with a tag #goofygorilla.

GorillaLotion has received over 10,000 likes and nearly 100 comments.

Gorillabox, a company that makes toilet paper and other products, has also taken notice of the popularity of the gorilla-glue.

The company’s vice president of corporate communications, Michelle P. Cottrell, told Mashable that the company had launched a campaign on Facebook to get people talking about the product.

“We’ve heard from a lot of people who are really excited about the gorilla adhesive,” Cottrel said.

“They’re so excited about it.

We’re also hearing from a number who are asking, ‘What is this?'”

The company said it is also planning to launch a gorilla-lotion range of products next year.

“Our focus is on the toilet paper, but we’re also excited to bring in other products like the gorilla makeup and toilet towels,” P. P. Chua, a spokesperson for Gorillabe, the company that owns Gorilla, told Business Insider.

She said that Gorilla was already working with a number companies to market their products to the public.

“So, if we can get that into people’s hands, then it’s really going to help in the market and it’s going to be really great,” Chua said.

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