What You Need to Know About Superglue

I used to make a lot of nails.

The stuff used to glue my hands to my car dashboard and the stuff that I would use to glue nails in my house.

My dad and my mom would just leave it at the back of the garage.

I remember one time my mom said, “Weird, you should get a super glue gun.”

I was like, “I know what I need to get out of my garage!”

And I bought one.

I used it on a couple of pieces of cardboard, which I think I’m still carrying around.

I got the gun, and I just kind of went about my life.

Then, I got into super glue.

I had a big stack of it, and it just kept growing, and growing, I just loved it.

I went to a superglue workshop in San Francisco and I did a little bit of it.

Then I started making a few million dollars.

Then last year, I finally got a super gun.

I took it to a nail salon and I was going to do a nail art project and the salon said, you need to have a supergun.

I said, oh, no, I need a super knife.

And I got a knife, so I did my super knife thing, which is really awesome.

I made this knife and I cut off this little bit and I made it into a super-sharp knife, which was amazing.

I’m like, oh my god.

I was just so happy.

And then I got to be a super fan.

I think it’s the most badass thing.

Then a couple weeks ago, I started my super-fast super glue hobby, so you know, I’m just doing this crazy stuff now, and if I have time, I might be doing this again.

You can follow my super glue journey on Instagram.

I’ve got a new one up right now.

It’s called the Mitten.

It has two blades, and then it’s a super sharp blade that you can use for really cutting your nails.

I like it because it’s so versatile, because it can cut up anything you can think of.

I put this super knife on my finger and it can do almost anything, and you can make a super super-cut-your-fingers-and-paint-yourself super-super-quick super-quick.

I just love that super thing.

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