‘A miracle’ wig and beard hair gel can save a life

When a woman in Brazil needed a hair transplant, a wig and a beard gel were just the ticket.

Now, Brazilian cosmetic chemist João Pinto says the products could save hundreds of lives.

João was born with the condition, and has since had his own cosmetic procedure.

In his latest book, The Good Stuff, João talks about his breakthrough.

He explains that, when he was first diagnosed with the disease, he spent many hours in the clinic trying to make a wig.

But he says that was only half the battle.

“There was also the beard, which I had to use,” he told BBC News.

He started making the beard himself, and says that the wig was a simple, but effective way to make his beard grow.

“The beard grew quickly.

I could not shave it off, but I could make it grow.”

João Pintor, a Brazilian chemist who has worked in a number of industries, explains how the hair gel and the wig have helped save many lives.

He says that they can give people with hair loss a permanent solution to their condition.

But João is not just concerned with saving lives.

As well as the hair, Joao also uses the beard gel to protect it.

The hair gel helps to keep the beard in place, and to prevent any hair from falling out.

He said: “The gel also stops the beard from growing.

It prevents the beard growing at all.”

And this isn’t the only cosmetic product that is helping to save lives. 

A recent study has found that when people use hair gel, they are less likely to die.

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, found that people who use gel were 18 per cent less likely than people who do not use gel to die within five years.

For João, the success of his products means that there is a new hope in the face of such tragedy.

Joao Pinto told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he had started a foundation in which he was hoping to use his expertise in cosmetic science.

“I want to be able to offer some solutions for people who have not been able to have this procedure.”

The only way we are going to make progress in this area is if the public recognise the need.

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